Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Hi everyone.Had a busy week,had two
friends visiting for a few days.
Ann & Philip (left )are from Broken Hill
near Adelaide in Australia.
We met them whilst on a tour of Europe
4 years ago.It was good to see them again
and they enjoyed looking round Tyneside.
They left on Sunday for London although I
had a sneaky feeling they would liked to have stayed with us
a bit longer,although the weather is getting rather nippy now
and they did think it was a bit cold.
My better half John has also gone away,he's away to Hastings to fit a
new kitchen for his daughter Jenny.This means I have time to myself
for ....ooh!! till he finishes the kitchen woohoo!!!
Let you know later how my week went.
Gan canny noo till next time.


Jo in Tas said...

Hi Geordie and welcome to the blogoverse! Thanks for visiting my blog always nice to meet a new blogger! Enjoy the ride, it's very addictive!!

Rhonda said...

Hi there. Val asked all her friends to stop by and welcome you to blogger-land. It's great to meet you and I know you'll enjoy posting but watch's addictive. Take care.

OzRose said...

Gannin Canny yourself there arent you Geordie Glor! Looks like the blogging is going well:) Glad you had a good time with your friends from Oz. Enjoy the time on your own too - altho I guess John is back by the time you read this LOL!
Love Ausrose